Musical Director - Jacqueline Butterworth

Accompanist – Monika Balogh

Deputy Accompanist – Phyllis Barclay

1st Tenor: 11

Bill Ball

Malcolm Bleasby

John Borland

Lyn Edwards

Rodney Ettery

Bill Griffiths

David Lowman

Phillip Manvell

Rik Peckham

Mike Pretty

Mark Stuart

Some of the 1st Tenor members

Some of the 1st Tenors

2nd Tenor: 8

Mike Adams

Glenn Baker*

John Bates

Geoff Disney

Andrew Fletcher

Ron Phillips

Kerry Steele

Joe Hull





Some of the 2nd Tenor members

Some of the 2nd Tenors

1st Bass: 10

Steve Barron

Humph Cryer

Ivan Evans

Stephen Fitzgerald

George Gardner

David Hart

Lloyd Hunt

Lindsey Benham

Mike O'Keefe

Martin Spence


Some of the 1st Bass members

Some of the 1st Bass

2nd Bass: 12

Benet Allen

Stephen Butchers

Kevin Escott

Sid Gibson

Alan Marlor

Malcolm McNeill

Paddy Parnel

Pip Richards

Vernon Rush

Vic Smith

Martin Spink

Doug Wilson

Some of the 2nd Bass members

Some of the 2nd Bass

41 Singing Members

* denotes Founder member

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Chairman – Phillip Manvell (

Secretary – Benet Allen. Tel 07956 24966 (

Treasurer – Stephen Butchers

Public Relations – Stephen Fitzgerald (

Archives – Humph Cryer

Librarian – Joe Bishop

Committee member – Glenn Baker ( )

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